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The Process for Wood Pallets

Professional Pallets Alber IL
Where you are in need of a new, recycled, or custom-built wooden pallet, Kalmer Lumber & Pallet Manufacturing has your back. We have a wide selection of wooden pallets housed in our Albers, IL facility, and we can offer you affordable and sustainable shipping solutions in no time!
New Wooden Pallets

Getting a New Pallet

Safely transport your goods with our wooden pallets! They are exceptionally sturdy with a high load-bearing capacity. Our pallet can be custom-built to your specific needs in a flash. Don’t need a custom-built pallet? We’ve got a storage facility stocked with standard 48’x40’ pallets ready to head out of our facility.

Call Us for an Estimate Today!

We can help you find the perfect pallet that fits your needs. Call us at (618) 248-5163.

Recycled Pallets

Do you need your pallets recycled, we can help you turn them into mulch or wood shavings for local landscapers. This way your unusable pallet can get recycled which is environmentally responsible instead of landing in a landfill.

Repaired and Recycled Pallets Alber IL

Standard Sizes

48 x 40

48 x 48

48 x 42

48 x 36

42 x 42

40 x 40

36 x 36

30 x 30

44 x 44

45 x 45

48 x 44

48 x 45

60 x 40

60 x 48

60 x 42

104 x 48

84 x 36

60 x 44

38 x 38

24 x 24

Specialty Sizes

36 x 14

Up to

52 x 8

Types of Wood

At Kalmer Lumber & Pallet Manufacturing, we use a variety of wood types to create the perfect pallet for your needs. While hardwoods such as maple and oak are incredibly dense and ideal for supporting heavier loads, softwoods like Southern Yellow Pine offer a broader range of applications and tend to be more economically sound. Aspens and Basswood trees are considered to be “soft hardwoods” which offer unique benefits. Let us help you figure out the perfect wood type for your project.

Types of Wood Alber Illinois
Custom Wooden Pallet

Our Custom Pallet Process

While standard-sized pallets work for many businesses, there are cases where a custom pallet is a decision that you must make. A pallet designed specifically for the needs you have will allow you to maximize space since they are created to your exact measurements. You may even be able to lower packaging costs due to custom pallets providing just the right support for your merchandise.

Here is How Our Process Works

Pallet Services

Give Us a Call

Let us know what needs to be shipped. Our professional staff can help you figure out what materials and what size will work best.

Pallet Process

We Begin the Process

Let our team custom build your pallet to your exact specifications. Since we have an on-site mill, we are able to create them efficiently. This allows us to have a minimum lag time between order and delivery time.

Pallets Shipment

We Ship Your Pallets Fast

We deliver your custom pallets on-time. We deliver Monday through Friday during the week, so it doesn’t get much easier than this!

Built to the specifications your industry requires

We create pallets for every kind of business. That is something we are proud to offer. From furniture to food, electronics to logistics, we offer a wide variety of pallets to accommodate your pallet needs!

We Produce:

Timely and Affordable Pallets Alber IL

Timely & Affordable

We at Kalmer are here to get you your pallets to you as efficiently as possible.

Custom Pallet Solutions Alber Illinois

Custom Solutions

No two businesses are the same. Our services are tailored to your specific needs and challenges.

Lumber and Pallet Service Alber IL

Professional & Friendly Service

We at Kalmer pride ourselves on five-star service. We don’t rest until you are fully satisfied with your order.

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