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Why Choose to Harvest Timber?

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At Kalmer Lumber & Pallet Manufacturing we understand that our business starts with the forest landowners. Most of our logs come from timber that is grown on private lands. Because of this, we are dedicated to helping landowners manage their timberland for generations to come. Woodlands and forests are similar to gardens and crops. Trees that are mature, have poor quality, have a disease, or are an undesirable species, should be removed periodically. Properly thinned hardwood helps promote a forest’s health, can protect your investment, as well as concentrates growth and nutrients towards your best quality trees. Forest management also can provide you with an abundance of plant species on the forest floor that can be enjoyed by wildlife. This can include white-tailed deer and wild turkeys which can help promote the local ecosystem.


Our Logging Process

Logging is the process of cutting, skidding, on-site processing, and loading trees or logs onto trucks. Proper forest management involves balancing biology and ecology with the economics of the harvest. At Kalmer Lumber & Pallet Manufacturing we can survey your timberland to find and estimate the volume and grades of the current timber to determine which will generate the most revenue.

The next step comes with cutting down or “felling” trees. To fell a tree, one of our workers makes four cuts: a top, bottom, back, and final felling cut. The goal of this technique is to leave a sufficient hinge of wood between the bottom cut and the felling cut in order to reduce the tree kickback. It also will help by providing greater control over where the tree will fall.

Once a tree is on the ground, the team of loggers then removes its limbs and cuts it into logs. This is commonly referred to as the process of bucking. Bucking involves making cross-sectional cuts from the bottom of the tree to the top.

After bucking, then comes the moving of the logs from the forest to the landing area. Loggers move timber by winching several logs to a tractor and then dragging them through the forest along a designated trail. Preplanned skid trails help protect the forest floor by limiting soil compaction. This increases the soil’s ability to grow trees in the future.

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If you are interested in selling timber or have any questions, make sure to give our team at Kalmer Lumber & Pallet a call today!

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The Process of Selling Timber that was Harvested

There is no such as an average timber stand. Not only do the economic values differ from wood to wood, but each landowner evaluations the values differently. At Kalmer Lumber & Pallet our goal is to help you generate the most value for your woodlands!

The first step in selling timber is to meet with one of our professionals. After a walk-through of your timberland, we will ask you questions about your goals, objectives, concerns, and values. From this discussion, we will get a better understanding of what you want to accomplish.

All landowners selling timber want to make sure they are paid what they deserve for their timber. Our priority is to make sure each log that comes from your property is put in a market that will generate the best revenue. Sometimes this means the logs will be processed into lumber, wooden pallets, or a different specialty product.

Our loggers are some of the top loggers in the area. We are devoted to taking care of the landowner’s property and treating it as if it were our property. We are fully committed to following the best management practices that we can. This includes making sure that all of our loggers are well-trained and are on top of any new logging methods and techniques.

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